If you are looking for instant recipes and overnight microwave success for you, this is not for you. Radio Bina Psychology Magazine is a platform to increase the audience’s awareness on the way to improving marital relationships based on self-knowledge. The main reason for people’s problems in marital relationships is due to lack of sufficient knowledge and self-knowledge, because without healing and improvement of a person, one can not hope to have a constructive and healthy relationship.

Accordingly, this group has adopted a different strategy to improve marital relations and intends to first help people to improve a relationship and create a constructive and healthy balance with others by increasing people’s awareness of their cognition. Part of the activities of this series is publishing a podcast based on your true stories. Dear audience, by analyzing the narratives, we will acquaint you with the root of some behaviors and problems that you are struggling with in your relationship or in your personal life. In the end, we note that not all content is definitive therapy and treatment, and only the abstract help and advice to identify some of the causes of your problems and challenges. Our serious recommendation to you is to consult a psychologist to permanently solve marital problems, disorders and behavioral problems. The motto of this collection reflects our goal and mission to improve your marital relationship: Healing and improving a relationship is not possible except through self-healing
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