In the Bible it is stated that we are a little “lower” than the angels themselves. Should we know how short we are to behave appropriately without being arrogant or frustrated? The human mind is very complex, so much so that even we cannot understand ourselves. Have you ever said “I never thought I could do this”? That is because we do not know ourselves. We need a guide. Then, the thoughts of “I am afraid” or “I love you” come to you. How sure are you that you can handle this feeling? And if you ask yourself later, what am I? You will surely answer that as a human being. So, we return to the same problem from the beginning. These questions are really to worry about, I think it is better to broach the subject and go on a journey of knowledge through human history. For that reason, neither more nor less, I present to you 10 of the best books where they talk about human consciousness. Some are pleasant to you, others, probably infuriating.

  1. Scatterlings – Martin Shaw.
    One of the few books that talks about the wild nature of human beings.
  2. The Matter With Things – Iain McGilchrist.
    Here you will find the way we perceive the world and ourselves.
  3. The origin of consciousness in the rupture of the bicameral mind – Julian Jaynes.
    A fascinating thesis of Jaynes where he says that the voices in the heads were really voices of the same behavior of the mind.
  4. The Hidden Spring – Mark Solms.
    Solms believes that consciousness is a function of brain activity. Brains receive, process and transmit to consciousness.
  5. Modern man in search of a soul – Carl Jung.
    Consciousness is, according to Jung, relatively uninteresting compared to the unconscious. What I am and what I do. Carl Jung is one of the biggest explorers of the dark but sovereign subconscious.
  6. Nine Headed Dragon River – Peter Matthiessen.
    With this book you will learn to meditate. Full of virtuous worked examples that teach how to observe the function of your own mind.
  7. Consciousness: A Very Short Introduction – Susan Blackmore.
  8. Breakin Convention: Essays on Psychedelic Consciousness.
    Academic study of psychedelics and related topics such as shamanism.
  9. Beyond Words – Carl Safina.
  10. The Doors of Perception – Aldous Huxley.
    Well, here we will see how mescaline works. Huxley concluded that the brain functioned as a reducing valve.

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